SONOS releases White SUBWOOFER

SONOS has introduced a Premium White Gloss version of its SUBWOOFER to its product line-up of Play1, Play3 , Play5, PlayBar and Connect devices. Since the SONOS Play speaker devices have been released, there has always been White and Black options available, with the exception of the SUBWOOFER.

The SONOS Premium White Gloss version of the SUB is striking in its appearance, and would fit in well to many environments. The SONOS SUB claims to add dramatically deeper bass to any Sonos speaker (or amplified component), and zero cabinet buzz or rattle, is a versatile wireless product that can be placed anywhere standing up or lying flat.

The SONOS SUB is 389 x 402 x 158 mm, weights 16 kg, and connects to your home Wi-Fi network with any 802.11b/g, 2.4 GHz broadcast-capable router for uninterrupted wireless streaming.
On the rear of the SONOS SUB is one 10/100 Mbps Ethernet port which provides the option to connect SUB to a wired home network.

The smaller PLAY:1, PLAY:3 speakers can be used for basic areas like kitchen bench tops, bookshelves, bedrooms and bathrooms, to the larger PLAY:5 and PLAYBAR speakers for Larger rooms and Home Theatre setups.

SONOS has a number of the key differences over other speaker systems, being their Wireless Mesh Networking System, enabling connectivity on a separate wireless channel. This means that your speakers don’t have to talk to the Wi-Fi router directly, increasing the range of your SONOS system, no matter how large your home or how many Wi-Fi devices you use. SONOS speakers also allow you to ZONE the speakers around your home, or group them together for gatherings to fill your home with sound.


The SONOS products are extremely high quality, and provide an attractive, easy to setup solution for residential homes and spaces. Although SONOS are positioned at a premium price point against similar products within the market, they make up for these CONS with the quality or speaker and complimentary sound.


Two Class-D digital amplifiers perfectly tuned to match the two dedicated speaker drivers and the acoustic architecture.


Two force-canceling speaker drivers positioned face-to-face for deeper, richer sound and zero cabinet buzz or rattle.

Dual acoustic ports

Dual acoustic ports carefully tuned to enhance SUB performance.

Frequency response

Frequency response: Plays down to 25 Hz.

Automatic equalization

Automatic equalization. Audio settings adjust to perfectly balance SUB and the paired Sonos speaker or component to optimize sound quality.


Adjustable volume controls let you customize your sound. 


Your style, our sound. Pre-order the white SUB today. (Link in bio)

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