Kebabs on Clarendon

Heading on down Clarendon Street en-route to a work function and came across Kebabs on Clarendon. Perfect opportunity to experience the rage that is Halal Snack Pack.

Sign: 3/10 – Impressive signage overall for the shop, but only a small sign in the window positioned for people walking by, promoting the HSP. Not sure you would see this from the road driving by, however extra point for lamination and presentation.

Greeting: 10/10 – very friendly team on board tonight, and welcomed with the usual “Hello Bud, What can I do for you? Would you like the Small or Large, and What kind of Meats? Would you like the Three Sauces? Any Drinks Today?”. I ordered the Large Combination HSP with the Holy Trinity & Can of Coke.

Chips: 9/10 – Chips were crisp and well salted to taste. All chips were hot, golden and crunchy, blending in well with the combination Cheese, Meats and Sauces.

Meat: 7/10 – Opted for a large combination Chicken and Lamb. Both Chicken and Lamb were tender, although there was probably more Lamb than Chicken. Meat had been pre cut, awaiting the grilling for extra crispness which was welcomed, however could have done with some larger shavings. Zero oil residue in the bottom of the pack.

Cheese: 7/10 – Topped with an adequate serving of Cheese to Meat/Chip/Sauce ratio, combining together the many great flavors.

Sauce: 7/10 – Ordered the Holy Trinity (Garlic, BBQ & Chilli). Chilli had a sweet kick to it, combining the BBQ & Garlic Sauces to ensure the correct balance.

Packaging: 10/10 – Standard Styro served on a Plastic Red Tray (Dine In), with Metal Knife and Fork. Adequate Serviettes provided.

Price: 8/10 (today) – $15 for a Large Halal Snack Pack, Can included for $18. Usually $18.50.

Overall 8/10 – For the experience. First HSP I’ve ever had, but certainly left a great first impression and solid serving for a main meal. I’ve spent more on Burgers and Kebabs before, leaving disappointed, so the HSP was great value and experience IMHO. Judging on the photos I have seen from other nearby venues, please pay Kebabs on Clarendon a visit, and take the time to enjoy the meal In-House…


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