Before you ditch the new Melway’s that you were given for Christmas and run out to get the latest GPS (SatNav) for the mid year road trip,we have put together a list of things that you should consider before you purchase your in-car gadget, to ensure that Turn By Turn Navigation is right for you?

What is a GPS:  A GPS (Global Positioning System) is a Satellite Navigation (SatNav) system that provides location and time based information. A GPS or SatNav (Whichever you prefer)  device will obtain its position from a Satellite by precisely timing the signals sent by GPS satellites above the earth.

GPS Types: Over the past decade GPS has been integrated into many devices including in-car navigation being the most common unit fixed to a windscreen or dashboard of a car or truck, which provides guidance on predefined roads and highways.  Watches, cameras, handheld devices, mobile phones and tablets have more recently introduced GPS modules which provide both navigation assistance, and location-based services which are used within mobile apps for uses such as fitness, turn-by-turn navigation & photography.

Where to Start:
Before you purchase a GPS, it is important to determine what you want out of your GPS unit. If you are the type of person that rarely drives long distances, and to random locations, or relies heavily on other means of transport, then a low-cost entry-level model is probably more for you. For around $100, you can purchase a reputable brand GPS like the Garmin Nuvi40 or the NAVMAN EZYSeries30 In-Car GPS. Both products provide an intuitive touchscreen interface with Turn by Turn Navigation with built-in maps for Australia and New Zealand, Spoken street names and my favorite “Where Am I” feature that I’m sure we could all use from time to time. 


For those that like the adventure of the open road, or require a little guidance whilst traveling around new places, can take advantage of a full-featured GPS unit like the Garmin Nuvi3760 or the TomTom GO LIVE 2050 WORLD for around $250. Spending a little more on a GPS will give you advanced features including world maps (Australia, New Zealand, Europe, USA and Canada), larger screen, Bluetooth hands-free calling, live traffic updates and real view advanced lane guidance, directing you to the correct lane on selected turns and exits, making unfamiliar intersections and exits easy to navigate. Garmin has more recentlyy introduced a ecoRoute feature for those that like to conserve petrol and take care of our environment, that helps you calculate a more fuel-efficient route, tracks fuel usage and more.

If a dedicated SatNav device is not for you, and you already have a smart phone with inbuilt GPS functionality, then you might like to save a few bucks with a free navigation app. There are many free features and free basic navigation for you to enjoy, with no data charges on the Telstra network and no third-party advertisements. Whereis® is a FREE app providing voice guided, turn-by-turn navigation to take you to your destination. The app also helps you find addresses, businesses and places of interest in Australia. You can call the business, get directions and let the free navigation feature take you right there.

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